Celiacs Helping Celiacs …

One of the biggest difficulties in being diagnosed with celiac disease is knowing where to turn for help.

Enter the Celiac Sprue Association of Greater Chicago. CSA-GC organizes meetings and dining events for adults and kids with celiac disease, has many recipes, and can serve as a resource for any questions you may have.

One of the other benefits of being a member in the Celiac Sprue Association is the CSA-GC’s bi-monthly newsletter – the information in the newsletter alone is well worth the cost of membership.

The CSA board has granted me permission to post copies of the CSA-GC’s newsletter on my web site for everyone to download. Here’s the catch, though …

If you find the newsletter as helpful as my family does, please consider joining the CSA-GC. The cost is only $20/year for new members and $15/year thereafter. Your membership will help the CSA-GC to continue its efforts to improve the lives of those with celiac disease.

Membership packets can be downloaded at this link.

If you’re already a member and would like to help the CSA-GC “go green,” you can sign up for “electronic only” newsletters. Just send an e-mail to Carla Karsky at csagcnewsletter[-at-]yahoo.com letting her know of your preferences.

Your membership in the CSA-GC helps celiacs to continue helping celiacs.

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