From the CSA:

Beware… Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix candies are being recalled due to the fact they were made with undeclared wheat.  The candies are falsely labeled gluten free.  The recalled product was distributed nationwide. Details: Assortment of seasonal Peter Rabbit Deluxe Easter Mix “Gluten Free” candies 2.7 ounce bags UPC number 071567992794 Lot codes of: 11111, with Best Before date of January 11, 2013 111215, with Best Before date of February 15, 2013 Lot code 120120, with Best Before date of March 20, 2013

If you purchased any of the above candies, please return them immediately for a refund.  


This is a quick note to those local to me. There is a recently re-opened Coldstone Creamery in Orland Park, on LaGrange Road. I visited there today, inquiring about gluten-free cakes. One of the new owners stated that there are a few cakes that are naturally gluten-free from the start. However, she also told me that they have a chef, Johnny, who can work with us and design a cake specifically to our instructions. He will  discuss each aspect of the presentation as well as ingredients.

Thank you Coldstone Creamery. How refreshing it will be to have an ice cream cake instead of “Mom’s” homemade birthday cake every once and a while.

Steve King and Johnnie Putman were kind enough to invite us back for more celiac banter. If you would like to tune in, we will be on 720  WGN Radio, starting at midnight on the 25-26th of January.  Look forward to hearing feedback from all of you who have the opportunity to listen.

Thank you!


Short but sweet. Just read today that 700 Subway chain stores in Texas are testng out a gluten-free alternative to the regular Subway bun. The gluten-free roll is made of egg whites, corn starch and tapioca. To top off your gluten-free sandwich  is a tasty gluten-free brownie made of potato starch, cocoa and sugar. It is great to see another gluten-free chain opening their eyes to the ever-expanding number of gluten-intolerant individuals. I believe they also see the ever-expanding wallets of those at Betty Crocker and General Mills (of gluten-free Bisquick fame) who reeped the benefits of offering gluten-free alternatives. Whatever the reasoning behind the venture, those of us gluten-free will revel in the rewards. Let’s just hope they controlled for contamination by using a dedicated/pans to bake in. I will look into the safety issue and get back to everyone in another post.

 If you would like to read more on the Subway introduction of gluten-free alternatives, go to


Just wanted to give updates on some of my favorite local restaurants and health food stores. First, I am pleased to announce that DaLucianos now has their own brand of gluten-free pasta available to order. Everyone knows how delicious the pasta is in the restaurant, now imagine being able to have this at home anytime. We love Dalucianos!

 I am also excited to announce new additions to my favorite health food stores. Health Nutz in Mokena is now carrying several popular gluten-free brands as Jan and Gayle have bought a third freezer in which to store these foods. You can now find Joan’s pizza crust and bagels (my personal favorite), Foods by George,  the Udi’s line including their bagels and more. Jan is looking for your suggestions, as well, to help fill the freezer.

Natural Choices, in New Lenox, has several new additions to their already extensive amount of gluten-free choices. They are now carrying choices from our friends at OMG..It’s Gluten Free. You can purchase gluten-free, dairy free lasagna well as their wonderful pizzas. In addition, Sue has foods by Rose’s Cafe in Evanston, O’Dough’s, Udi’s, Joan’s, and Moondance Heavanly Desserts. Stop in at any of these places and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Outside of my family, there are very few things that take precedence over celiac disease in my life. However, the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico has taken top billing. Today, for the first time , I truly understood the magnitude of the situation in the gulf. As you sit and read this post, thousands of gallons of oil are pouring, unrelenting, into the ocean. The wildlife has already started to show the after effects of the spill and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The latest estimates state that it will take  three months before we are able to dig another well and fill this current well with either mud or another substance to halt the flow. One can only imagine the health effects on the people in the region as well as the health of the ecosystem in this part of the gulf.

 It has been quite a bit of time since I wrote my last post as I was waiting to be inspired. This has not only inspired me, but sickened me. As we sit helplessly waiting for the higher-ups to figure out a solution, I cannot help but wonder how many generations will pay for this mistake?

So, as promised, the results of my poll are in. To review, the question was would you trust your child’s school to safely prepare a gluten-free meal for your child. The supposition of training and good communication with the parents was inherent to the question. I had only seven responses. However, the vote was a unanimous No. It is somewhat disheartening to know that many of you feel as I do. So, although  the American with Disabilities Act allows us to demand the choice of a gluten-free meal for our celiac/wheat-allergic children, none of us will enact this choice.

 My opinion on this reaches many levels. I believe that the kitchen staff genuinely care about the kids. Yet, in the midst of a busy lunch time, coupled with incomplete knowledge of the complications of the disease, I believe that things will inadvertently occur. I am not comfortable with my childrens’  health riding on this. So, I will continue to prepare lunches from my gluten-free kitchen, apparently right along with the others who took part in the poll.

 Thank you for your time and input. It was a reality test for me as I tend to be a bit neurotic with these types of issues. To our children, continue to enjoy your homemade meals. You do not know how lucky you are!

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