Bruce Zarlengo (brucezarcsa -at- gmail dot com) writes a great newsletter about Gluten Free dining called “Dining Out Gluten Free with Bruce”. I’ve been pestering him to post his newsletter on a blog so that everyone in the Chicago area or who visits the Chicago area can find great gluten free dining. Unfortunately, my pestering hasn’t paid off … yet.

But, Bruce did graciously allow me to publish his newsletters on this blog until he gets the blogging bug.

This post will be especially long because it contains a summary of newsletters from September 2009 to present. Future posts will be a lot less lengthy, but still packed with useful information.

As the list grows, you can quickly find all the posts by clicking on the category “Gluten Free Dining with Bruce” in the right margin of this blog.

So … click the “more” link below to learn about the many new restaurants offering gluten free cuisine. And thanks to Bruce for his hard work and for allowing us to post his newsletters here until he starts his own blog (hint, hint).