Huge news out of University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center. Dr. Bana Jabri  has been able to isolate an inflammatory compound, Interleukin-15, as a main area of research in the treatment and possible prevention of celiac disease. Through a mouse model of celiac disease, developed at the University of Chicago,  it was found that elevated levels of interleukin-15 caused signs and symptoms synonymous with early onset celiac disease. It was further found that when the pathway to this compound was blocked, there was regression in the disease. Moreover, it was discovered that all of the mice with celiac disease-type symptoms had an elevated level of interleukin-15.

Further study will, of course, ensue. Many more answers will follow. But, for the moment, we will revel in the fact that advancements are on the horizon. I hope my children’s’ children will not need to know what a gluten-free diet is. For the present, however, I would like to congratulate and thank the researchers at University of Chicago for their tireless efforts in finding a cure for this disease!

To read more about this study, follow the link below.