Short but sweet. Just read today that 700 Subway chain stores in Texas are testng out a gluten-free alternative to the regular Subway bun. The gluten-free roll is made of egg whites, corn starch and tapioca. To top off your gluten-free sandwich  is a tasty gluten-free brownie made of potato starch, cocoa and sugar. It is great to see another gluten-free chain opening their eyes to the ever-expanding number of gluten-intolerant individuals. I believe they also see the ever-expanding wallets of those at Betty Crocker and General Mills (of gluten-free Bisquick fame) who reeped the benefits of offering gluten-free alternatives. Whatever the reasoning behind the venture, those of us gluten-free will revel in the rewards. Let’s just hope they controlled for contamination by using a dedicated/pans to bake in. I will look into the safety issue and get back to everyone in another post.

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