Medscape released an article today regarding a new version of anti-gliadin testing. The article is FDA Clears First Fully Automated Gliadin Tests with Deamidated Peptides for Celiac Disease by Yael Waknine. The new generation of tests are much more specific in identifying antibodies directly to gliadin, the alcohol-soluble fraction of gluten.The tests are  EliA GliadinDP IgA and EliA GliadinDP IgG and are for use with other laboratory and clinical findings in the early diagnosis of celiac disease. The company, Phadia, has developed the machinery on which this antibody can be tested. The turn-around time is much quicker and the tests are so specific, they may negate the need for endoscopy with biopsy in the more straight-forward cases.

 This is an amazing advance in the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease. If you would like to read more on this article, please go to