It took me a while, but I finally made it over to OMG, It’s Gluten Free. I am sure that many of you reading this are wondering what took me so long. Well, my response would be long-winded at best, so I will suffice it to say that time has not been my friend of late. But, better late than never!

OMG is located on Harlem Avenue in Frankfort. I took my Mom and my three girls (all with celiac disease) to OMG. We found the cafe to be cute and stylish.  The menu is extensive and growing. Between the five of us we had the Quiche, the pizza, a grilled cheese and a turkey sandwich. We were all impressed with the taste and texture of the bread and my Mother absolutely adored the Quiche. It is one week later and she is still talking about it.  For dessert, the girls had brownies and cookies.  They loved every bite!

Unless you wear the shoes,  it is hard to imagine the peace of mind gotten from eating at an establishment Like OMG. They are doing a great job, the food is delicious and the service to the community is priceless. If you have not yet been, my advice is to go asap to OMG!