June 2010

 Many different factions are theorizing why there has been such an astronomical rise in the number of celiac cases we are seeing worldwide.  One such group is at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia. Dr. John Croese MD  and associates are acting upon the hypothesis that once civilized societies eradicated parasites, such as worms, from the human gut, there began the rise in autoimmune diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Celiac Disease. The theory behind this assumption is once the human gut is without a parasitic infection to fight against, it begins the process of self-reactivity, or attacking of one’s own intestine. Dr. Croese and is researchers plan to inject human hookworm into active celiac patients and monitor their improvement. The study has not yet begun, but herein lies my question.

For my celiac friends reading this, would you allow yourself to be injected with a human hookworm in the name of science if a team of researchers thought it would improve your situation? The article from which I obtained my info is  http://www.broadmedical.org/funding/funded_grants/2007/LS_IBD-0214R_croese.html.

 I will allow two weeks for people to respond and post my findings. I would also welcome comments on the information. Thank you, in advance, for your participation.


It took me a while, but I finally made it over to OMG, It’s Gluten Free. I am sure that many of you reading this are wondering what took me so long. Well, my response would be long-winded at best, so I will suffice it to say that time has not been my friend of late. But, better late than never!

OMG is located on Harlem Avenue in Frankfort. I took my Mom and my three girls (all with celiac disease) to OMG. We found the cafe to be cute and stylish.  The menu is extensive and growing. Between the five of us we had the Quiche, the pizza, a grilled cheese and a turkey sandwich. We were all impressed with the taste and texture of the bread and my Mother absolutely adored the Quiche. It is one week later and she is still talking about it.  For dessert, the girls had brownies and cookies.  They loved every bite!

Unless you wear the shoes,  it is hard to imagine the peace of mind gotten from eating at an establishment Like OMG. They are doing a great job, the food is delicious and the service to the community is priceless. If you have not yet been, my advice is to go asap to OMG! http://www.omgitsglutenfree.com/