Outside of my family, there are very few things that take precedence over celiac disease in my life. However, the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico has taken top billing. Today, for the first time , I truly understood the magnitude of the situation in the gulf. As you sit and read this post, thousands of gallons of oil are pouring, unrelenting, into the ocean. The wildlife has already started to show the after effects of the spill and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The latest estimates state that it will take  three months before we are able to dig another well and fill this current well with either mud or another substance to halt the flow. One can only imagine the health effects on the people in the region as well as the health of the ecosystem in this part of the gulf.

 It has been quite a bit of time since I wrote my last post as I was waiting to be inspired. This has not only inspired me, but sickened me. As we sit helplessly waiting for the higher-ups to figure out a solution, I cannot help but wonder how many generations will pay for this mistake?