While in Chicago this afternoon, my family and I stopped at Water Tower Place to have a bite to eat. We went downstairs to Food Life as my children love to have control over the charge card for the different meals. For those who have never been, it is an area of numerous small carry out restaurants  at which you can order food and put it on “charge card” of sorts. There is a rather large eat in area and when you are done, you pay for everything (all cards in your party) in one lump sum. The area is included in the Lettuce Entertain you chain of restaurants. As it turns out, Lettuce Entertain you has really embraced the gluten-free lifestyle. Several of their establishments offer a gluten-free menu with many selections to choose from, Food Life being no exception. After speaking with one of the owners, Steve Hofferth, I came to find out that they are planning several more additions to the gluten-free menu over the coming months. He explained to me that having a gluten-free menu is as commonplace as having a children’s menu in the Lettuce Entertain You network.

  Lettuce Entertain You takes Celiac Disease/gluten-intolerance as seriously as it should be taken. Further, they understand that as more of us get diagnosed, there will be a shift in the market forces. Those prepared for this will reap the benefits. Good to know there is power in numbers!

For more information on Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, please go to www.leye.com.