So, as promised, more on Cooper’s Hawk winery and restaurant. My husband and I dined at Cooper’s Hawk last evening and had another very nice experience. While awaiting our table, we participated in a wine tasting of the Cooper’s Hawk Label. The wines were superb. They have an excellent Riesling and a wonderful red holiday wine, served warm. Once seated, we were handed an exclusive gluten-free menu. No worries that we would have to navigate a mixed menu. There are many options to choose from, seafood, chicken and beef. There were several selections for salads and a full-page of sandwiches served on a gluten-free bun.  My husband and I both ordered a chicken dish and both were delicious. For desert, we topped off the meal with a decadent creme brulee.  We  paid a reasonable fee for all the food that we ate. Overall, I would rate this very high! To read more, go to

 I must sound like a food critic of late. However, I am so excited that restaurants here in the southern suburbs are finding  that it is lucrative to cater to those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle. Our lives are improving as are their wallets. It is the epitome of a mutually beneficial relationship. So, bon appetite!