Although many of you have already discovered Joan’s Gluten Free Bakery products, I was a bit slow on the uptake here. I was sent a gift package of her foods to try by my brother, also a celiac. I was so amazed at how delicious her products were, that I immediately turned around and ordered some more for my family. Unfortunately, the packaging meant to keep the foods frozen failed, and much of the food I ordered perished. When I called to let the manager of the bakery know what had happened, I got Joan herself. She was so gracious about the mishap, that we wound up speaking for quite a bit of time. She is as wonderful as her products!

Joan is not a celiac herself. Her venture started when her son, and now her twin grandchildren, were found to be gluten-intolerant. They had the unfortunate experience of nosebleeds with ingestion of gluten. So, being the good grandmother that she is, she started to bake for them. It did not take long for her products to be discovered and written up in a local paper. The rest is history.

Joan’s bakery is not a walk in facility. However, Joan wrote me that she enjoys when people do come in so she can meet her customers face to face. She will ship anywhere in the country, although her products are also carried by many local health food stores. We have tried several of her products and one is better than the next. The pizza crusts are fabulous. They cook up like real pizza, but at the end you have an outside crust that is just like a breadstick. Her bagels bake up at home. Out of the oven, they are toasty on the outside and soft on the inside. My childrens’ favorite are her chocolate chip cookies. I dare anyone to tell the difference between Joan’s cookies and Nestle Toolhouse cookies. I am looking forward to trying the english muffins and sugar cookies. Those are on tap for tomorrow. I was also told that bialys are coming soon as well.

If you would like to check out Joan’s website, please go to I promise, you will not be disappointed!