So, as promised, the results of my poll are in. To review, the question was would you trust your child’s school to safely prepare a gluten-free meal for your child. The supposition of training and good communication with the parents was inherent to the question. I had only seven responses. However, the vote was a unanimous No. It is somewhat disheartening to know that many of you feel as I do. So, although  the American with Disabilities Act allows us to demand the choice of a gluten-free meal for our celiac/wheat-allergic children, none of us will enact this choice.

 My opinion on this reaches many levels. I believe that the kitchen staff genuinely care about the kids. Yet, in the midst of a busy lunch time, coupled with incomplete knowledge of the complications of the disease, I believe that things will inadvertently occur. I am not comfortable with my childrens’  health riding on this. So, I will continue to prepare lunches from my gluten-free kitchen, apparently right along with the others who took part in the poll.

 Thank you for your time and input. It was a reality test for me as I tend to be a bit neurotic with these types of issues. To our children, continue to enjoy your homemade meals. You do not know how lucky you are!