General Mills is really making great strides in helping to bring its products to people with celiac disease. The front page of the latest Celiac Sprue Association Lifeline newsletter noted that General Mills created a web site called “” that lists all of its gluten free products and also lists a lot of great gluten free recipes.

General Mills now boasts more than 200 gluten free products! Several Progresso Soups are gluten free, including Chicken Cheese Enchilada and New England Clam Chowder. General Mills also has gluten free brownie mixes, devil’s food cake mixes, and yellow cake mixes. Their web site says to “look for the words ‘gluten free'” on the package near the ingredient list as show at the right.

There is also a link to General Mills’ references for health care professionals and food service personnel that contains information on celiac disease and on healthy eating in general.

It is great to see that large corporations are making a commitment to produce so many great gluten free products.