A patient with both celiac disease and diabetes (see here for a US News article about the link between celiac disease and diabetes) recently visited me in my office. While I help manage her celiac disease, she also sees an endocrinologist to help manage her diabetes. The patient shared with her endocrinologist that she has had several episodes of contamination which lead to a breakout of Dermatitis Herpetiformis. The endocrinologist told her that if she stays on a small dose of prednisone every day, she can not only prevent her breakouts but completely cure her celiac disease.

For anyone who has heard similar statements, I am writing to tell you that this is not true. There is no medicine to treat or cure celiac disease. The only “cure” to celiac disease is a strict gluten-free lifestyle, so please do not believe otherwise. All celiac patients (including myself) have had episodes of contamination. We treat the symptoms and move on, trying twice as hard to be strict with our diets in the future.

My family and I are awaiting word on any sort of treatment for celiac disease. There are studies ongoing.

I will let you know when I get that word!