The start of school is almost here!

Under Illinois Administrative Code, children are required to have a physical examination performed within one year prior to entering pre-school, kindergarten/first grade, sixth grade, and ninth grade. Lead screening is also required for children under six years old before entering kindergarten or first grade.

Parents need to compete information on the physical examination form prior to the child’s physical exam. You can download the Illinois State form at this link:

Children must also have basic immunizations or proof of immunity to the following diseases before entering school: Diptheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), polio, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), Hemophilus influenza B (HiB), Hepatitis B, and varicella (chicken pox).

Illinois Administrative Code also requires that children in kindergarten, second, and sixth grade have a dental examination.
The dental forms that must be completed can be located at this link

Finally, children entering kindergarten must have an eye examination performed by an optometrist or by a physician who performs eye examinations.
Eye examination forms can be downloaded here:

In some instances, parents can obtain waivers for health examination or immunization requirements. You can get more information on school examinations from the Illinois Department of Public Health web site.

I am happy to perform school physicals and provide necessary immunizations. I can also provide additional immunizations against diseases such as meningococcus and cervical cancer.

Please feel free to call my office to make an appointment! With some vaccinations, it may take me a week to obtain them from the manufacturer, so please call ahead!